Sussex Royal ~ Passive Aggressiveness At Its Finest

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

Yes, the Sussex duo have achieved a new low, and that was to publicly insult and belittle The Queen on a public and official website. Some may say it’s about how you interpret the words, but the majority concur that it was an attack, one that was despicable, in tone, content, and in context. In my last article I attempted to breakdown and decipher the bulk of the text, and here I outline the actual language used, and the intent of the language that was chosen.

In 11 days time, the Sussex duo are due to make an appearance in the UK together (Harry  in 4 days), but what kind of welcome will they get after posting what can only be described as a spiteful, and vindictive rant on their website outlining the transition period when they will cease being full-time working royals? The truth is that they haven’t…

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(Thomas) Markle (Senior) vs. (Rachel) Markle

Wow! Great story. Now what we need is the photographer to come clean about how MM set this all up.

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

Is Thomas Markle Senior an unwitting conspirator or a victim? The christening of the child named ‘Archie’ came and went, but to be honest no one was that interested and even most of the reporters that are usually glued to a Sussex story enjoyed a summer weekend doing what they wanted to do. It may have mattered to one man, Thomas Wayne Markle (Senior) who has been discarded like a bit of mud scraped off a shoe by his daughter Rachel Meghan Markle. We all knew he wouldn’t have been invited, and hopefully by now he can see his daughter for the person she has become, but was this all planned by MM, where her unwitting and doting father became her victim? Some say he is estranged; I would say she has disowned him and it didn’t appear to be accidental.

It’s Markle vs. Markle; one, a father who…

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